Information for Patients and Public

PREDICT is a tool designed to help women with breast cancer and their doctors make informed decisions about treatment with chemotherapy or hormone therapy following breast cancer surgery.

Breast cancer comes in different types and several different factors affect the response to treatment. We know from studies involving many thousands of women that the response to treatment is affected by the size and type of the cancer at diagnosis and whether the cancer has spread to involve lymph nodes. We also know that whether or not the cancer expresses markers such as the estrogen receptor (ER), HER2 and KI67 are important. How each of these factors contribute to the success of treatment is not fully understood.

PREDICT v2.0 was developed using data from over 5,000 women with breast cancer from England and has been carefully tested on data from another 23,000 women with breast cancer from around the world.

Since we are all slightly different the answers that PREDICT provides can only ever be an estimate based on our current knowledge. However, there is enough information from the many thousands of women who have been treated to allow us to make a very good estimate how any one woman may respond to additional treatment.